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Waterways & Westend Tour


It is a given fact that without Galways proximity to the ocean and waterways it would have never progressed as the city we know today. From the earliest records Galway has relied on the water for trade and strategic military positions. This tour highlights our maritime history and how the water had been used to enhance our relations with europe and indeed the world. One of europe’s fastest flowing rivers offered the opportunity to harness its power which would bring Galway into the industrial age offering employment in textiles, distilling and munitions.


Shop street-The Spanish Arch-The Claddagh-Henry Street-The Canals-The Westend- Cathederal- University


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 15 minutes before tour start time.
INCLUDED Professional guide

A different view of the city


Meet the Locals



TOUR DURATION  1 Hour and 20 minutes



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