Local Tours By Local Guides

Galway City Tours was established to provide a one stop shop for all your touring needs. Many years of research and travelling to various countries working in the tourism industry has allowed Shane the head guide and Tour Director to design tours based on your needs. Whether you choose a pre set tour or decide to design your own we are committed to ensuring you are given the ultimate Irish experience, after all its your tour. All of our drivers/ guides are nationally trained & Approved and hold the prestigious  Irish  National Badge , the highest award given to Tour Guides in Ireland. This of course offers greater confidence when you plan an All Ireland experience as we are qualified to Guide in all 32 counties and we can prepare the tour based on you needs.

Shane Spelman is  Galway native and Galway City Tours Head Guide & Tour Director. With over twenty years experience in the tourism industry in Ireland and overseas he has designed all his tours based on his research and experience in the industry. Shane is also a  registered National Guide and A Fellow of The Flanders Field Museum In Ypres. All of the walking tours have been designed by Shane and are based Primarily on his University research in History and Archaeology.

Galway City Tours are proud to have the opportunity to provide you with a land and sea tour the only tour of its type in the city. Award winning research & local knowledge in our city walking tours and the highest qualified drivers and guides offer nothing but peace of mind when choosing a tour with us. All extended tours and national tours are based on collective research from leading guides who have over 100 years experience in the Tourism and guiding industry between them.