This tour highlights Galways rich history from its origins as a fishing town on the edge of Europe, to its golden age as a prominent trading port ruled by mercantile elites. The 17th century was one full of war and occupation in Galway with a strong military presence which was evident up until the start of the 20th century. The first world war had a dramatic effect on the city as did our rising in 1916 and our long struggle for independence, hear stories of galway men who fought for and against the british empire during this important period of galway’s long and interesting history.

Your guide on this tour is native of Galway and an award-winning researcher on this period.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 15 minutes before tour start time.
INCLUDED Professional guide

Award winning research

Only tour of its kind


TOUR DURATION  1 Hour and 20 minutes

Add a freshly cooked Lunch or Dinner 8euro

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